About me

Information technology and programming have been my passion for a very long time. It started when I as about 7 years old. My first computer had a DOS system with a few simple application and games (f. ex. Prince of Persia,and Civilization 1 – the best of all). When I was 9, I wrote… actually cut out my first application. Unfortunately plywood floppy did not exactly work in 5,25” drive, but after the accident I started learning about IT sciences for real. 

15 years have pasted and now I'm an IT graduate from Pedagogical University (IT and technology profile), and management graduate from Jagielloński University, both in Cracov (I still have to finish writing BA thesis on game theory in modern corporation, but one day I will finish it… I definatelly will).

I've worked as a commercial designer and a programmer since 2004.

I've written software in .NET technology, at the moment I am looking into specializing in C# language ( MVC and other Microsoft Web Technology). I also work with a Microsoft SQL Server (SQL skills, SQL Server 2000/2005/2008/2012 ) 
I also have experience in PHP (Symfony2, drupal), C++, and JavaScript language (f. ex. Angular framework ). 
I am also familiar with jQuery, CSS, IIS 5/6/7/8 and AJAX. Additionally I have lots of experience in administration of Windows Server (verisons 2003, 2008... and the latest version ).

Currently I'm working for ING Hubs B.V. company in banking industry. On daily basis I develop tools for the security / business department. In almost 10 years  of working for ING I have successfully implemented several dozen major software projects, participating in project's full life cycle.

My passions are travelling and outdoor activities, especially mountain trekking and cycling, as well as archaic programming languages. I like the good and the bad movies – especially after a hard day at work.